#12 Sex to Die For

The General awoke to a burning sensation that awoke every nerve in his body and shocked him into consciousness.  He exhaled with shock, his eyes opening wide. The first thing he noticed was the steam that formed in front of his face as he exhaled into the still air around him.  The second thing he… Continue reading #12 Sex to Die For

Santa’s Magical Twinkmas

It was a snowy Christmas Eve and Santa was alone in his workshop putting the final touches on all the toys he was planning on bringing to all the good little twinks all over the world for Christmas this year.  He had dildo’s, vibrators, whips, chains and many more goodies prepared for all those who… Continue reading Santa’s Magical Twinkmas

#6 Creative Masturbation

2 months passed and Thanksgiving was threatening to arrive in only a couple days. The last 8 weeks had passed pretty uneventfully. Zach had spent most of the time masturbating while forcing a number of objects both big and small into his ass all around the ship. There had only been a couple pieces of… Continue reading #6 Creative Masturbation

#3 The Dealmakers Ass

Andre couldn’t think, he couldn’t move his body and he could barely breathe. He was naked and on his hands and knees with Hais’ fat dick thrusting into his mouth and Jason thrusting into his ass. All he could do was try to avoid scraping Hais’ cock with his teeth and try to clench his… Continue reading #3 The Dealmakers Ass

#2 Cock Penmanship

General Hais strolled into the meeting fifteen minutes after everyone else and looking a complete mess.  His military issued shirt was half tucked into trousers that were showing his half erect dick pressing against a wet patch of pre-cum that dripped down the front of his trousers and completed the disheveled look.  “If you’re finally… Continue reading #2 Cock Penmanship

#1 The World Ends, The Sex Begins

Prologue In the year 4020 the entire Earth was engulfed in a devastating race war that consumed and destroyed the planet.  For a hundred years every nation fought with every weapon they had in a global carnage that killed most of the population. Nations stopped at nothing in destroying neighboring countries with any force necessary,… Continue reading #1 The World Ends, The Sex Begins