#12 Sex to Die For

The General awoke to a burning sensation that awoke every nerve in his body and shocked him into consciousness. 

He exhaled with shock, his eyes opening wide. The first thing he noticed was the steam that formed in front of his face as he exhaled into the still air around him. 

The second thing he noticed was that he was lying in his ripped, bloodied casual clothes and surrounded by food. It was at this time that he realized he had been dumped by the pirates and left for dead in a freezing unit. 

The General forced himself to sit up, pain shooting down his back, his neck on fire. The General screamed and held tightly onto the shelf beside him. 

“Is someone else there?” 

A small voice called out from behind the dairy goods. 

The General leapt to his feet and walked around the corner, he ignored the pain filling his feet and tried to see through the searing red that coursed through his eyeballs.

Hais rounded the corner and stopped in his tracks with shock, what he saw was his small prisoner, curled up and shivering on the floor. 

Without thinking the General slipped off his shirt and pants and laid them underneath the boy to protect him from the harsh flooring.

The boy watched through groggy eyes as the Generals strong arms lifted him into the air. 

The General then laid down onto the freezing floor, giving in to his pain. He brought the boy down to rest on his powerful torso.

“Your going to get cold”

The boy looked up at Hais with large eyes, his face showed genuine concern for the Generals wellbeing. 

“Whats your name?” The General enquired of the prisoner with a hoarse voice. 

“I’m Tim” he replied softly. 

Tim gripped the bottom of the shirt the pirates had dressed him in and lifted to reveal his pale slender stomach and chest then lifted the shirt off over his head. He leant over the General’s face to place it underneath his shoulder blades. The General smelt Tims soft neck on the way past and said nothing as Tim sat up once again.

Tim now gripped his pirate-issued track pants and slowly slid them off, over his knees and past his feet revealing lovely, hairless and pale thighs. As the pants came off and as Tims thighs separated, Hais was finally greeted with the prisoners cock as it rested on the General’s strong chest. 

Tim leant down once again and placed the pants under the General. This time he didn’t sit up right away, he leaned forward and began kissing Hais deeply.

Hais pushed his long tongue into Tims mouth and held his soft face with his left hand, kissing him intensely while running his other hand down Tims back. Tims cock very quickly stood up and was now hard and resting in the centre of the Generals chest as he sat on Hais with both knees on the floor either side of his body and his feet up and inside the Generals thighs.

Tims penis head was now sticking outside his soft foreskin and had hardened like a rock. It was beginning to leak small amounts of clear liquid as the kissing intensified.

Tim then began to slide backwards while kissing the Generals neck and then chest and eventually stomach, grabbed the captains bare cock in his hand and rubbing it against his tight asshole.

The General groaned with pleasure.

Happy with his reaction, Tim slid down to the floor and bundled some of the clothes beneath his subtle ass and grabbed the Generals cock with both hands.

He took a deep breath and forced all 10 inches down into his throat.

The General gasped as he felt Tims warm throat envelop and massage his penis from all directions. The fleshy inside of his throat was so wet and smooth it made his sensations go wild.

He lifted Tims hair from his forehead with his right hand and gazed as Tim looked up and into the Generals eyes, tears streaming down his face and a thick cock between his lips.

The dick was so thick that it was making an indentation on Tims throat, the General could see it moving as he gobbled deeper and deeper. Tims usually smooth neck now had the outline of a strong dick pounding through it. 

Suddenly Tim stopped and moved back back a few feet on the ice cold floor.

The General forced himself to his feet, then picked Tim up and placed him on the clothes that were now radiating with heat.

Tim was now lying naked on the clothes, his tan colored dick resting up on his small stomach. The Generals eyes drifted lower, down the soft balls that hung beneath the dick; then to the perfect, hairless asshole sandwiched between two perfect cheeks. 

The General knelt down, completely unable to feel the floor through his passion. He then pushed Tim’s thighs up until the boys knees were against his ears. 

His mouth then fell onto Tims asshole and forced his tongue inside. Tim moaned loudly and began running his hands through his hair.

The General searched every corner of the inside of Tims asshole with his tongue and widened it as much as he could. He then took it out, licked two fingers and pushed them inside.

Tim moaned out load and curled his toes with pleasure. The General widened his fingers inside Tims ass and stretched it, Tims moans grew louder and his toes kept curling tighter and tighter.

The General put Tims left foot in his mouth and began licking between each of Tims toes as he gapped Tims ass with his fingers and got him ready for sex. He forced Tims foot into his mouth all the way to the heel before he finally stopped, pulled his fingers out, then thrust his dick in.

Tim screamed and continued to scream with pleasure as the General pounded his ass with all his strength.

He placed Tims legs onto his shoulders and continued to pound as hard as his could. Tims face began to turn red, his eyes closed with elation.

They continued to fuck inside the freezing freezer unit. The General noticed his arms beginning to turn blue as he held the boy down, the cold beginning to take deadly hold of his limbs. 

Suddenly, something strange began to happen. The boys entire body starting glowing a deep orange as the General continued to thrust his dick inside. The entire freezing unit began to shake violently, and Hais gasped as the boys eyes opened and they burned like fire. 

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