#11 Examining the Prisoner

The team arrived back aboard the ship in a beam of blue light, materializing in front of a very surprised crew who’d not expected to see them back so soon.

“Is everything alright General?” The communication private stood to his feet concerned.  

“No need for alarm, gentlemen” The General began, 

“We’re back under very extraordinary circumstances.”

The boy that they’d found on the sun’s surface materialized in mid-air before dropping to the ground, clutching the hook that had been shot at him. He rolled across the ground before leaping onto his hands and feet and growling at the crew, baring his teeth and staring angrily in all directions. 

His long black hair hung in strands across his small, smooth face and his dark eyes flashed with hate. 

Captain Charleston didn’t waste much time. He unholstered his tranquilizer gun and shot the boy in the arm with a tri-dart that sunk a centimeter into the boys soft arm. 

The boy promptly yanked the dart out before screaming and making a run for the Captain, but after only a few steps he fell down unconscious. 

The General picked the boy up from the ground, placing a strong arm under the boys upper-back and another under his knees and carried him to the detention bay. 

The boy awoke a few hours later, groggy and with a pounding headache. 

He sat up slowly, holding the back of his head with his left hand. He was lying on a concrete slab that jutted out from the wall in a small containment cell. 

Outside the bars to the cell sat General Hais. The General sat wearing a casual button-down shirt and slacks. He wasn’t on duty right now, but he’d wanted to keep an eye on the prisoner and be on hand if something were to go wrong. 

The ship sat in low orbit around the sun while they formulated a plan and waited for the boy to speak up and give some useful information that could be game changing for the mission. 

The boy slowly rose to a seated position and sat with his back against the wall and both feet up on the slab, his hands rested next to him. He shot daggers at the General with his eyes, his mouth was a closed snarl. 

Looking at the boy it was easy to tell that his body was completely hairless. The hairlessness looked natural, it appeared that perhaps exposure to the sun’s heat didn’t allow even short or thin hair to grow anywhere on his legs, arms or underarms. 

The boy wore a short, brown loincloth that was now laying against his crotch, only covering the crotch and ass area. 

His legs sat upright, completely exposing his milky thighs.

His small, bare feet were were a dark tan colour, this colour lightened running up his legs. 

His stomach was a milky light colour, his arms slightly darker leading to darker hands. 

His neck was soft and showed no bumps or marks, only soft folds where his skin creased. 

As the General stared, the boy reached up with his hands and gathered his long hair slowly behind his head. As his arms reached behind his head the General saw that the boys underarms were definitely the same smooth colour and texture of the rest of his body, it seemed he didn’t grow body hair at all.

The boy clenched his hair tightly at the part where it came together against his scalp and squeezed. 

In that moment his hands glowed a faint orange colour for a second, then the next second returned to normal. The General sat up quickly, he couldn’t believe what he’d seen, he leaned forward and watched closely to see if it happened again. 

The boy lowered his hands, but his hair didn’t drop. The hair stayed up in place, connected by whatever process had taken place when he’d squeezed his hair together. 

It looked strangely as if the few inches of his hair that grew close to his scalp had somehow melded together. The boy continued to stare at the General, his eyes glaring and his near naked body leaning forward. The two stared at each other for what felt like an eternity until their ocular bond was shattered by the sound of the cell door screeching to life and jangling against its track as the door slid open. 

The prison doctor had come to fetch the boy for his admission physical. 

General Hais volunteered to escort the doctor back to the medical bay, so together the two men walked the prisoner to the medical bay on the east side of the ship.

The three men walked in a triangular fashion, the prisoner kept upfront and the two officers treading carefully behind him, ready to strike if anything were to go wrong. 

When the three arrived at the medical bay the boy mounted and laid down onto a white, cloth covered bed underneath an enormous light. 

The light flooded the boys entire body with a wash of warm glow that illuminated every pore across the canvas of beautiful skin laid out on the starched white sheet. 

The doctor adjusted his glasses, applied disposable gloves and proceeded to squeeze different regions of the boy’s body. He squeezed his thighs, arms and checked his pulse. He then took a swab of the boys saliva by rubbing a cotton swab against the inside of the boys cheek. 

The exam was going smoothly until the doctor lightly took hold of the boys loincloth. Fast as lightning the boys hand grabbed the doctors wrist and squeezed hard. The boy snarled, baring his teeth and squinting his eyes. 

The doctor let go and looked dismayed towards the General. 

“I’d have a better idea of what I’m doing if I’m able to look at him completely naked.” 

The General stepped forward and cleared his throat, he began to search for the words necessary to convince the boy to undertake the exam when 


An enormous explosion rocked the wall beside them, the three men hurtled into the other side of the room. 

The General crashed against the adjacent wall, hitting his head. His vision was blurry and his forehead ran with blood. He reached up and held his throbbing forehead, then squinted his eyes to see through the blur into what was happening. 

The wall had been completely blown out and was looking out into open space. The ships air field had extended to cover the space where the hull of the ship had been, but this was a temporary measure. The ships lights darkened and red lights flashed as sirens wailed and the ship ground to a halt in mid-space. 

The ship was still in mid orbit, so it halted for only a moment before it slowly began to lose altitude and fall towards the suns surface. 

The General had no time to think about the ships position in space, the hole where the ship’s hull had been was now filled with strange men dressed in all black and armed to the teeth. 

They had rocketed in from their ship which was sitting only a few hundred feet away from ‘The Swallow’ but was covered with an incredibly sophisticated cloaking device. 

The men stepped into the medical bay with the unmistakable look of glee plastered over their faces. The General tried to yell out at the intruders, but managed only a whisper before his vision turned red and he passed out.

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