#10 An Asian Boy

General Hais stepped onto the burning surface of the red sun with simulated confidence. He wanted to appear bold to his team and give them the confidence they needed to also venture onto the star with him, but he was secretly filled with fear and dread. 

The suns surface crackled beneath his solar boots and he could smell the burning gases from within his helmet. 

The surface was a moving pool of gasses and chemicals that shone like mirror-balls on Mardi Gras. The boots the General wore allowed him to stand on the surface because of a property within the soles that stimulated gravity by forcing electrons beneath the boots to cling tighter together. 

The General moved slowly across the suns surface, gazing around the incredible formations that surrounded him. In every direction were fire formations, cliff faces made from gaseous lava and pits that spat flaming liquid hundreds of feet into the air. 

The General and his team were responsible for finding a subterranean canal, holes that stretched far beneath the suns surface and would lead to the natural minerals within that could be mined and used as fuel. 

The search would be exhaustive because the team had no idea how many of these holes were on the surface at all, let alone on the part of the sun they’d chosen to land on. 

The team searched for hours, the process slowed down further by the need every 40 minutes to be beamed off the star and back inside the ship to change suits. 

The suits they wore for this kind of exploration burned out quickly and needed to be completely replaced often. Their only hope was to find the hole they needed before they ran out of suits and the mission was lost. 

The team continued to look furiously, searching around the fire formations and battling the heat that crept into their suits and made them sweat out of their assholes. 

Greggory scratched at his asshole, it itched behind the sticky materials the suit was made of.

His hole was still gaping from the fucking he and Henry had just received, but worse than that was the cum that was still dripping out of his asshole and was running down his leg. The cum was heating up against his skin and causing him to itch like crazy. 

Greggory bent down to scratch his leg properly when he suddenly noticed a dark flash whizz by his visor. 

Greggory stood back up and looked around, his eyes wide as saucers. 

“Hey guys, I think I saw something!” He called out, the General became excited. 

“Oh thank god, you’ve found a hole?”

“No” Greggory replied sheepishly, 

“I think I saw something.”

The General looked mad,

“You think you saw something and that something was not hole related?”

Greggory stared down at his shoes. 

The General didn’t think he could get too mad at the Private. Only hours earlier he had been holding this boy down against a metal table while he’d fucked him senseless. 

Greggory had screamed and groaned in a high pitched whimper, something he didn’t think he’d like but had turned him on at the time. 

He remembered his tan colored hand, rough from years of asteroid mining had pushing against the boys soft, baby-like stomach. 

He coarse hands covered the boys belly-button and applied pressure, the boy’s hard penis resting on the top of his hand while his own penis was deep inside only a few inches below where his hand was pressing. 

Greggory had been biting his hand while he whimpered, the other hand behind his head protecting him from the metal table as Hais had fucked him intensely, pushing him further and further back on the table.

The table landed with a thud every time the Generals balls smacked into Greggory’s ass, his dick the entire way inside. 

The inside of Greggory’s body felt warm to Hais, and he knew the boy was squeezing his little bowel muscles to make the event even more pleasurable for the General. 

In this moment he chose to remember the boy who had squeezed his muscles for him and decided not to get angry, so instead he gave him a nod and continued back on his way to keep searching.

Greggory started walking once again, eager to put his mistake out of his head when the flash whizzed by his visor once again. Greggory whipped around gasping, he turned and ran after the blur. 

Greggory ran ten paces before rounding a bend behind a fire formation where a foot came out of nowhere and struck him in the head. Greggory flew backwards and landed on the ground.

For moment he could see nothing out of his visor, the glass in front of his eyes filled with readings and emergency warnings. Greggory reached for the control panel on his wrist and turned off the computer. He sat up and once his screen had powered off he was able to see through the glass to a boy crouching on the fiery surface wearing nothing but a loincloth. 

The boy looked no older than he did, but he also didn’t look anything like him at all.
The boy had large but pinched eyes, the eyes themselves were a deep brown and looked feral and furious. 

He had long, black hair that ran a little past shoulder length. His face was small and smooth, it didn’t look like the boy had ever needed to shave. 

His skin was a light coffee colour, and a consistent tone across his entire hairless body. 

The boy crouched a few feet away and circled Greggory fiercely, as if guarding his territory. Greggory moved his hand to the communicator on his belt when he heard the sound of the others rushing to his position. 

“What the hell happened Private? Your damn computer is o….”
The General stopped in his tracks, his sentence caught midway through. He stared disbelievingly at the boy wearing almost nothing in front of them. The boy was breathing deeply, but the General had no idea what was going into his lungs. 

The others arrived and in turn deeply gasped in surprise.

Whoever the boy was, he was beginning to feel outnumbered. His eyes darted around between everyone before turning towards the fire formation and leaping up onto it, determined to scamper away. 

“Oh no you don’t” 

The General whispered, a fierce determination in his eyes. 

He grabbed a teleporter from within his belt and fixed it with a 15 second timer. He then stuck it onto a grappling hook he kept onto his back and shot the hook towards the formation. 

The hook sailed through the air before sinking itself into the side of the fire formation a few inches above the boy. It immediately started melting under the pressure from the fire, the boy turned and looked back towards the General, his face a deep scowl. 

He then reached up and pulled the hook from within the fire and reached up to throw it back. In that second the timer ran out and in a blaze of blue light, the boy was gone. 

“We may have blown the lid off this entire search gentlemen” 

The General announced smugly before beaming himself back onto the ship. 

Henry turned to Greggory and sighed. 

“Great. No fucking way he’s fucking me now with that new toy on board.” 

Henry then disappeared with a flash of blue. 

Greggory looked gravely concerned, things were not working out the way he had planned. 

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