#9 A Virgin Orgy

Captain Charleston, Private Ryan and General Hais joined Private’s Greggory and Henry in the Mission Bay. Greggory and Henry had volunteered for the mission, knowing the dangers and everything that was risked by taking part. The glory however, sense of discovery and possible commendation were upsides too good to be ignored. Despite the upsides they were scared, and as they walked towards the Mission Bay they hoped their fear wouldn’t show to the Officers. The two boys arrived at the Mission Bay to see that the other three had beaten them. Greggory was a red headed Private, something very rare in the faction. He had brightly colored red hair that he had tried to darken with product, then slick down so that it seemed more subtle. What wasn’t subtle was his paper-white skin and deeply freckled cheeks. Henry had black hair and was one of the very few Privates to have hair on his chest. The hair on his chest was a point of pride for the Private, so even now on the brink of a mission he had it displayed by having his mission jumpsuit unzipped halfway down his chest. As the two men entered the room, the General soon made mention of his clothing choice. “No use even having that zip halfway up Private, you’re going to need to sign the cum contract before you can leave.” The two boys eyes widened, Greggory’s mouth fell open. They had learned of cum contracts while at college, but for some reason had thought of them merely as myth, or as a relic of the past. “The Faction has strict rules of mission engagement boys” The Captain chimed in, “So you can either disrobe yourselves or we can help you.” Both boys were scared of the undertaking required for the mission, but neither of them wanted to back down. Greggory felt the most uncomfortable though, had a nagging secret that he couldn’t stop from blurting out to the entire room. “I’ve never… done anything… of this nature sir” Greggory stammered in a high voice. The recent college grad was a virgin, he’d prioritized his books and had never turned his head once during his years in school. “Well we’ll soon fix that” The General replied softly, then began unbuttoning his Officer shirt. Henry didn’t waste any time, he was only too happy to be fucked by the two strong, high ranking officers in front of him. The General had already taken off his shirt to reveal a chiseled six pack underneath. His pecks gleamed under the fluorescent lights, his biceps looked as though they could crush his entire body. The Captain had a leaner frame, his strong neck ran down into a barreled chest and beefy arms. His stomach was flat and sported a cut V shape that ran down his pants and signaled a growing bulge concealed within his stressed pants. Henry ripped his zipper the entire way down his body, then stepped out of his jumpsuit. Underneath his hairy chest led down to an equally hair covered stomach that sat above black briefs. In that moment he ripped the briefs off his hips and sat down on one of the blue, plastic chairs beside the wall. Henry had never had a problem with confidence in his life, he had always known and believed that he was sexy and desired by all the other men around him. He pushed his lower-back forward in the chair and opened his hairy legs. His face screamed of confidence as he placed two hands behind the back of his head and smirked at the two men looking at him. His large dick hung to the left of his lower stomach, the tan colored beautifully cut penis lay on a soft bed of pubic hair that layered the area above his shaft. His large balls hung low, almost entirely covering the subtle asshole underneath. Captain Charleston couldn’t take it, he ripped off his pants and advanced on Henry with his hard, swinging dick fully loaded and an intense look in his eyes. Henry readied himself by placing his forearms behind his knees and pulling them back beside his ears. His asshole now displayed itself proudly and openly for the room to see. The Captain grabbed the cocky boy by the shoulders and with a single thrust jammed his dick inside of the asshole. Henry gasped and tried to bring his knees down, but they landed with a thud on the Captains shoulders. Charleston then pushed again, forcing the dick deep inside the Privates soft interior. Henry gasped again, squeaking involuntarily. He reached out and grabbed the Captains pectoral muscles, seemingly begging for mercy. But no mercy would be afforded him, the Captain pulled back before ramming him deeply again. He held Henry down by his shoulders, his legs either side of his neck as he rammed the boy again and again, Henry’s wailing fueling his lust. In the meantime, General Hais and Greggory had also become naked. The General stood toward the left of the room, the light casting shadows from his pecs and his abs. Greggory stood a foot away, his slender white body not casting much of a shadow of any kind. Greggory didn’t have much hair, his pinkish white cock was crowned with a thin layer of blonde, red hair that stopped short of covering his pink gentle balls. General Hais encouraged him to step back and lie on the table behind him. Greggory stepped back and felt the cold edge of the table press against his lower back. He then pushed the table down, climbing backward on top of it. The boy lay down on the table, revealing a glowing white freckled ass. His asshole was pink and almost flawless, the General noticed a freckle on the left side of the needle tight hole in the dead centre. Either side of the hole were two freckled white ass-cheeks that looked as fresh as the day they were born. His thighs were snowy white and were thick from exercise. Greggory lay back on the table, his white, smooth body felt cold on the bare table surface. His freckled arms made triangular shapes as he placed his hands behind his head to protect himself from the banging he knew was coming. General Hais looked down Greggory’s face and torso and for a moment thought that the boy didn’t have any armpit hair at all, but it was only the fluorescent light drowning the light blonde hair out from the high angle he was looking down at the boy from. Greggory was nervous, but he was ready. He was ready for the mission, but he was far more ready to sign the fucking contract. – Hooked? Sign up for our mailing list and never miss another screaming, moaning moment. 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