#8 The Penultimate Threesome

The Swallow groaned as it was pulled reluctantly into a lazy orbit with the red sun.

The ship had reached its destination a week ago and Zach had woken everyone in time for them to recover before they began strategizing their plan of descent onto the suns surface.
As everyone sat around the conference room table, they looked a combination of drunk and aggressively fucked.
Zach however looked fresh and wide awake, the General gazed at him with admiration.

“How you managed to survive those 11 months without losing your mind is a commendation to you, private.” The General beamed in his direction.
Captain Charleston stood to address the room.
“As Captain I always hate to be placed into Stasis-sleep, it drives me wild with worry.
I’ve seen the very best sleep monitoring professionals lose their minds while waiting and practically destroy the ship. But you’ve done yourself proud Private.” Zach felt sheepish with all the attention, he forced a smile but internally wanted to disappear.

“Come see me in my office later” the Captain concluded before taking his seat.

Ryan looked over at Zach from across the room and gave him a smile. He still looked extremely fatigued from his sleep and had barely spoken to Zach since waking up.
Zach wasn’t too alarmed, this kind of effect from a sleep this long was to be expected from a certain percentage of people, but it was hardly ideal.

“Now to business”, the General stood.

“I’ve assembled a team to join me in beaming down and searching the surface of the sun. We can search in 45 minute shifts before needing to change our reflection suits, so relevant personnel need to be at my reconnaissance meeting later today. The meeting was dismissed and Zach got something to eat from his cabin before heading to the Captains office.

“You wanted me sir?”

Zach knocked on the Captains door before opening it and letting himself inside.
When he entered he gasped deeply at what he saw. Captain Charleston was standing in the middle of the room, leaning against his desk wearing only his Captains hat and his long Officer White’s shirt.
The shirt was covering an enormous erection that was holding the shirt out like a tent pole. Zach badly wanted to lift the shirt and see what was underneath, especially since he’d gone so long without a real dick and badly needed relief.

“I can’t sir, I’m somewhat spoken for” Zach stammered, his cheeks flushing red. He was completely unable to fein a disinterest for the incredible display in front of him, but he knew he’d hate himself if he was ever disloyal.

The Captain seems unfazed by the development, he picked up his radio and called over the receiver,

“Will Private Ryan please make himself known to the Captains office, thank you.”

Zach felt immediately panicked, he never wanted Ryan to find him in such a compromising situation. He didn’t know whether to run from the office or to hide. While he stammered and tried to make up his mind, Ryan walked through the door.
Ryans eyes widened as he saw the situation in front of him, he grabbed at his dick through his sweatpants as it shuffled in place, blood flowing into it with arousal.

“I want to fuck your boyfriend son” The Captain began,

“But he thought you should be present, and rightfully so.”

Ryan opened and shut his mouth, unable to comprehend what to say,

“Sir, I haven’t been myself lately” was all he could manage.

“I’m sure your boy here can fix that for you”

With that the situation seemed pretty clear to the three men.

All Zach wanted to do was take care of Ryan, all Ryan wanted to do was regain his mojo after all the time he’d spent asleep. All the Captain wanted to do was to fuck the shit out of Zach’s adorable young ass.
Zach looked into Ryans eyes and took off his shirt, then his track pants and his underwear; standing in the office completely naked.

His small penis hung majestically as the only one to have revealed itself, his whisp of pubic hair a crown of pride.
He got to his knees and pulled down Ryans track pants, an eager, half-erect penis flung itself out and into Zach’s face.
Ryans far larger penis hung in midair in front of Zach, his thick black pubic hair a proud reminder of the manly edge he had over Zach.

Zach tasted his dick, the smooth clean taste of fresh skin mixed with the salty, savory taste of the pre-cum spilling out of his urethra.
Zach looked up at Ryan as he gobbled the entire thing down into his throat, his big blue eyes wept as he took the entire thing in and out, holding his mans hips while he gurgled and gagged.

The Captain wasted no time, he lifted Zach’s torso up onto his desk so that Zach was still in line with Ryans penis, but now lay stomach-down on the desk, his legs either side of the Captains torso.
The Captain spread Zach’s cheeks with his left hand while he took a glop of lube with his right hand out from a jar inside his desk.
He slathered his dick with the lube and slowly began forcing it inside Zach.

Zach felt the thick cock push its way into his inner canal. He gurgled on Ryans penis as he felt both dicks explore the deep recesses of his body.
He’d never felt two dick enter him from both sides before, the feeling was like nothing he’d recreated over his 11 months spent forcing spoons and electrical appliances inside of himself. With the spoons he still held all the power, but now he could feel two separate torso’s ramming giant battering rams inside of him from two sides and was overcome with a feeling of powerlessness that for some reason turned him on further and make his dick harden while being pressed against the edge of the desk.

The Captain began to force his dick hard into Zach’s ass while Ryan continued to ram it down his throat.
Ryan could see the outline of his dick against Zach’s throat, the sight of which encouraged him and was beginning to break him from the spell his slumber had held him under.

As the spell loosened, he lowered both of his hands to behind Zach’s head and, while holding firmly, began to skull-fuck his mans gurgling mouth. Zach buckled under the pressure from both sides, his stomach ached and his legs spasmed wildly. Eventually Ryan pulled out of Zach’s mouth and went around to the back and out of Zach’s view.

Zach lay on his stomach, gasping and breathing deeply while the Captain continued to pound. For a moment there was nothing, the Captain pulled out and Zach lay there alone.

He felt the cold air on his wide-open asshole and felt almost abandoned. This feeling didn’t last long though as he now felt the sensation of two dicks pushing against his already stretched asshole, banging against the door and begging to be let in together.

Zach screamed out and held the edge of the desk with white-knuckled determination. He screamed as the two men forced their dicks through the doorway together. The Captains dick lay resting inside as Ryans dick began to pound hard and deep inside of Zach’s torso, sliding against the Captains dick and pushing against Zach’s G-spot.

Zach began to moan deeply and just focused on staying on the desk as the fucking forced him ever forward and towards the floor. 
Eventually the two men couldn’t take any more, they both forced their dicks forward inside of him and screamed as they shot duel streams of cum inside of Zach’s body.
Zach felt like he was drowning as the two men filled him with hot liquid, he choked audibly as he felt the liquid run through his body.

Zach stretched out his aching right arm to his open, flapping asshole and took a sample of the cum that was pouring out of it and onto the floor. Using the slippery cum he began jacking his own dick, using the memory of what just happened as fuel for his energy.

In that moment the door burst open and the General stomped forward. Without saying a word he swooped around the side of the desk and inspected Zach’s open, pink hole. He saw the cum drizzling out and onto the floor and witnessed the moment Zach shot his load down the side of the desk.

“Is that both of your cum inside that boy?” That General asked the two men.

“Yes” they each replied, knowing what it meant.

“Suit up then men, the contract is signed.”

The three men then walked out of the room and headed for the Mission Bay, along with all the other men who had just filled a specialist with contractually binding cum.
Zach licked his fingers and wished Ryan well, before trying to stand up onto his jelly legs without face planting. He did not succeed. 


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