#7 Last Ass Play

Zach slowly sat up in a groggy, sleep induced haze and gradually opened his eyes, looking around at the room he was in. Staring through his eyelashes, all he could see were the dim blue lights that surrounded him in all directions. He rubbed his eyes and ran his fingers through his hair as he sighed deeply and tried to think a coherent thought. The journey so far had been ten months long and he was nearing the end of his isolation. For the first eight months he had slept in the sleeping quarters down the hall, but a couple months back he’d set up a bed in the stasis-sleep chamber where the rest of his crew were unconsciously waiting for the ship to arrive at it’s destination. He had originally felt far less lonely while he slept in this room with the others, but recently that effect had turned and he was becoming more and more aware of how alone he was and it was beginning to drive him mad. He was beginning to have to force himself to think complete thoughts throughout the day. Without forcing himself to do it, he could spend entire days simply experiencing emotions and sensations rather than having coherent thoughts and ideas. He was able to do the job of keeping the others alive and monitoring the ship mindlessly, so not even his tasks forced his mind to stay active. While at the beginning of the trip he’d talked to himself constantly, he was now going weeks at a time without saying a word and finding that when he did talk he would have to cough and splutter first to make his throat open up enough to form the words. The only time he really felt anything anymore was when he masturbated, and because of this his masturbation had become more and more extreme. He had been pushing the limits of what would fit inside his ass and for what length of time. His goal most of the time was to try and make himself orgasm without touching his penis at all. The most extreme object was a clock with a large rounded face and a slim body that opened up to a thick base. Zach had managed to slowly force the entire thing inside of him. For the first fifteen minutes he’d gotten off by keeping the clock face inside of him, then pulling and pushing the clocks body by it’s base so that the clock face would ram up against his asshole entrance and his prostate. The asshole had closed around the clock’s body, so the far larger face inside him felt incredible as it pushed up against his tightened asshole doorway whenever he pulled, then brushed against his G spot whenever he pushed it in further. He was enjoying himself immensely with the clock when suddenly the face broke off the body when he’d tried to pull it back out. The asshole had closed too much, which caused the clock to break and send the face deep up inside of him. Zach had panicked badly, and even intended on waking up the crew. But he knew that this was not how he could bring the crew back, these circumstances would be remembered and talked about forever. He’d rather die than experience that. So instead he’d found some large kitchen tongs and carefully and meticulously, reached in and pulled the clock face out. Zach intended to never use any foreign objects again to masturbate his ass. Unfortunately, his penis never brought him to orgasm without involving his ass. He’d tried a few weeks earlier to masturbate only his dick. He’d laid at the front of the bridge and stared into deep space completely naked and slowly jerked his hard dick up and down. He pulled the foreskin back and let the sensitive head show it’s tender face, then push the foreskin back into place again. He’d do this over and over trying to bring himself to orgasm. He tried playing with the whispy pubic hair that grew in a thin patch above his dick, he also tried playing with his balls. It was all a waste of effort that was drowned out by the screaming agony his ass was in whenever he neglected it. It would throb and beg to be touched. If he masturbated his dick for a lengthy time, then even touched his asshole lightly, a bolt of electricity would shoot through his body and he would scream and roll onto his side. His ass was demanding, and like a General it called the shots. Zach was desperate for human companionship again, and was just as desperate for real sex with someone rather than something. Zach had spent most of the the journey doing little more than masturbating all over the ship, shoving absolutely anything into his asshole and doing whatever maintenance the ship needed to keep it on it’s intended path. He’d resisted the urge the entire time he’d been waiting to look into the small window of the stasis-sleep pod holding Ryan, despite how much he’d wanted to. The reason he’d stopped himself is because of how much worse it would have been to wait for him once he’d seen his face again. However he was now unravelling and he felt like it was time, but he didn’t want to see Ryan in the state he was in. So the first thing he did was slowly traverse the ship and disinfect the surfaces of everything he’d cum on or shoved inside his ass. This included all of the utensils in the kitchen, the equipment in the medbay, everything on the bridge and most things in the cleaning closet such as brooms, mops and other devices. Zach then took a shower, washed his hair, and made an attempt to shave. Only the mustache area under his nose grew any facial hair, but he liked shaving the entire face and feeling like a more macho man than he actually was. While in the shower and surrounded by steam, Zach looked down again. He could barely see his body, but what he did see looked good. He still didn’t love his body, it was far less developed than he’d like it to be. He wished he saw rippling muscles, giant swaths of hair, and a massive throbbing cock hanging between his thighs. But the white, shimmering, skinny body with trace elements of hair was the body he’d been given. Zach sat down in the shower and laid his chin on one knee, the other leg he let flop to the ground. Water was dumping itself on the back of his neck and running down his chest, stomach and through his pubic hair. His penis hardened as he stared at it, so he lightly gripped it with his left hand and started slowly masturbating it. On cue his ass began to burn and demand his attention. Jack didn’t at all have the energy to finger himself so he grabbed the shampoo bottle and lifted himself with a deep groan. He clung to the wall with his right hand and lifted his body, placed the bottle underneath himself and sat back down again, this time on the bottle. The bottle was shaped like a missile with a pointed top, so the top portion easily slid inside, then stopped about a third of the way in. Zach sat in a frog-style position, his legs either side of the bottle as he crouched with the bottle partially inside him. Zach continued to masturbate without thinking or feeling much at all. Time slipped by and Zach suddenly came back to himself. He had a habit of zoning out and wandering away from his mind, then time would pass and he would snap back to reality. Zach decided to stop masturbating and to not try to push the shampoo bottle inside of himself. He reached down to grab the bottle and hit his hand on the tile floor. Zach hadn’t realized that he was now sitting on the floor, the bottle was entirely inside him. His first instinct was to panic, but before he lost it too much he got a grip on himself, then on the bottle by pushing two fingers either side of the bottle, holding it tightly and pulling it firmly out. As the bottle came out it felt incredible, it pushed past his G spot and gripped the walls of his inner-canal, slowly sliding against it. He groaned in pleasure for the first time in weeks and finally felt awake. Feeling inspired, he washed his face and his hair, then got out and dried himself. For the first time in months he put an entire outfit of clean clothes on, including shoes, and walked back to the stasis-sleep room. He decided that what the men, and Ryan, was going to find when they woke up was not a psycho zombie who’d gone out of his mind with boredom. Thanks to his cleaning spree, they were also not going to find a lube and cum covered ship either. They were going to find a Military Private who’d done his job and stayed at his post. Zach walked into the stasis-sleep room and up to Ryans sleeping pod. He opened the window to the pod and stared lovingly at Ryans face. Inside was the beautiful face of the one that he missed. Zach went to talk but coughed and spat instead. He wiped the spit off the window and tried again. “See you soon my love.”   – Hooked? Sign up for our mailing list and never miss another screaming, moaning moment. And if you need some great new books for your Kindle, we have an excellent collection of eBooks you and your throbbing cock are gonna love.

Sign up for our mailing list and never miss another screaming, moaning moment.
And if you need some great new books for your Kindle, we have an excellent collection of eBooks you and your throbbing cock are gonna love.

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