#6 Creative Masturbation

2 months passed and Thanksgiving was threatening to arrive in only a couple days.

The last 8 weeks had passed pretty uneventfully. Zach had spent most of the time masturbating while forcing a number of objects both big and small into his ass all around the ship.

There had only been a couple pieces of debris making contact with the ships hull and although another ship passed by them a fortnight earlier, that ship had failed to detect anything on their scanners so it continued on its way without even a second thought.

Zach had just recently managed to fall into a routine. Every three weeks he cut his hair, every 5 weeks he trimmed his pubic hair. The job barely took more than a few minutes because in that time he’d really not grown any, but he enjoyed the task and it passed the time.

He showered every 5 days because onboard the ship it was almost impossible to sweat, and it took time for the ship to recycle the water he’d used.

He never wanted to use more than a very small amount of fresh water, he hated the idea of the others waking up to find that he’d chewed through a significant amount of supplies on his own. Zach was as considerate as he was quiet, so this made his outrageous sexual urges all the more surprising to the men that crossed his sexual path.

Zach had become use to talking to himself out loud in an effort to feel more like he wasn’t alone and that his mind wasn’t slipping off it’s axis.

Zach eyed the turkey-making utensils his mother had sent with him aboard the ship for use during the impending holiday.

Humankind hadn’t actually possessed any turkeys since the day they’d left Earth, but the simulation, watermelon sized food-balls supposedly tasted and felt exactly like the real thing used to. Of course, no one had any way of knowing whether this was true, but everyone ate them anyway because this was tradition and was expected.

Zach knew that he didn’t intend on actually cooking anything special for Thanksgiving. Each day he’d take a sachet of ration-mix, poke holes into it and throw it into the foodpreper and pressed a button.

In an instant the package would balloon up into an apple-sized bread-type food that could fill his stomach all day.

Food wasn’t the kind of stomach-filling he was craving as he wandered into the medbay for his weekly health check.

The med check was simple, he’d take a cotton cylinder and spit into it. He’d then jam it into the machine and the machine would search the cotton for any foreign materials, analyse them and report via the screen what it’d discovered.

Zach remembered the time he’d played a joke on Ryan by reprogramming the machine, telling it to keep scanning until it found gold within the sample. Ryan was kept waiting while his sample was scanned for more than 20 minutes before he figured out what was happening. He’d only figured it out when, in a fit of rage, he hacked into the machines software and saw the change.

Zach stopped in his tracks as he was pulling the cotton swab out of its holder.

He looked down at the soft device in his hands and gripped it tightly.

It was roughly the size of his dick.

He’d always looked at his small dick with disdain in the past.

The small, fragile shaft hung uselessly in front of two naturally hairless balls. Each of these hanging under only a whisp of pubic hair. The whole crotch infuriated him.

This failing in his mind motivated him to be a better bottom while making love. He felt as though he had something to prove, or at least something shameful to make up for.

He placed the cotton stick down onto the counter and opened the receiving module in the machine.

Inside was a soft canal filled with millions of tiny, sensitive arms that would search all through a cotton swab and find foreign materials.

Zach re-set the machine to look for gold once again and slowly, carefully inserted his penis into the machine.

Zach flipped the switch and immediately felt the canal tighten on his dick.

Millions of tiny hands set to work, they immediately forced back his foreskin and scoured the sensitive skin beneath.

Zach moaned deeply with pleasure and lay against the machine, unable to keep his legs from buckling beneath him.

The tiny hands continued to search his shaft, rubbing intensely and holding tightly. It wouldn’t stop until it found gold and it figured the foreskin was an annoying hinderance that was blocking its way.

Once it forced the foreskin back and found nothing, it would pull the skin back into place and search where it had been.

Because Zach had programmed the machine so that it was unable to stop until it had found what it was told to find, the machine would pull the foreskin back and search again and again and again.

This resulted in an intense handjob that had Zach moaning and his eyes rolling back in his head.

But Zach wasn’t done, his asshole was aching and begging for attention.

He punched the machines big red stop button and pulled out his red, throbbing dick.

His dick has never been so hard, so as he walked to the kitchen it ached and smacked against his thighs, begging for more attention.

Zach grabbed the turkey-stuffer from under a pile of utensils and pulled the wooden spoon off its mechanical holder.

The spoon was coated with a carpenters glaze and would never splinter, he laid the spoon down on the bench and reached underneath for the large jar of vegetable oil.

Vegetable oil was produced far thicker when it was made to be used intergalactically, the density was necessary for the pressure brought on by space.

Zach was thankful for this as he dipped the spoon all the way inside the oil to its handle. As he pulled the spoon back out, the oil gripped to the spoon like honey, then trailed in a long suspended line between the spoon and the jar as he pulled the spoon away.

Zach returned the oil to the space under the counter and re-attached the spoon handle to the stuffing device.

He then laid the device on its back so that the device forced the dripping spoon straight up, then he placed one foot on either side of the device and slowly lowered his body towards it.

By the time his ass reached the spoon his legs were bent enough to open his asshole ready. He placed his asshole down onto the top of the spoon, landing it with a glooping sound.

Zach then began to push and moaned as the thick end to the spoon slowly opened up and stretched apart his tight hole.

The spoon was wide and worked to open his ass, Zach continued to moan and yell through the stretching process, oil slurped and sloshed everywhere and the machine groaned under the pressure as it was forced harder and harder into the ground.

After a few minutes Zach was through. The wide end of the spoon was in and now the skinny part was going deep.

He almost fell when the thick part finished going in, nearly losing his balance.

He was now able to bounce easily on the spoon as it fucked him and scooped out his insides.

Zach lowered himself with the spoon jammed inside him almost its entire length, moaning loudly as he did.

He grabbed the device with his left hand and picked it up carefully.

He then gingerly walked his way back to the medbay and placed the device on a holder that would normally hold the doctors notes.

Zach then turned the device on, allowing it to whirr to life and begin plunging into his body, stirring, pulling and pushing.

Zach screamed with deep pleasure before forcing his dick back into the med machine and punching ‘Go’ once again.

Both machines worked at his body, doing their jobs while Zach left his body in ecstasy.

He screamed and moaned as his body lay against the machine that was sucking him off while the other machine fucked his brains out from behind.

The machine that thought it was stuffing a Thanksgiving turkey did it’s job well, it had no way of knowing it was actually fucking a horny boy.

Zach’s legs swung maniacally and his toes curled as he rode both machines, a ménage à trois of metal and flesh.

The holiday didn’t seem so lonely anymore, nothing seemed like anything. Zach was blacking out with deep, otherworldly bliss.

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