#5 A Prize Bottom

Zach closed the lid to Ryan’s sleeping pod with heavy hands, sealing the pod and turning around to an empty room filled with glowing lights.

He performed a final check on everyone’s vital signs before slowly walking out of the room with his paperwork and an assortment of shoes, pens, and other things people had brought in but didn’t want to sleep with.

He walked down the main causeway of the vessel, dumping items in various places while heading for the bridge. When he arrived he jumped into the captains chair, put his feet up on the control panel and slid down the faux leather lining slowly until he was resting with the top of his shoulders pushing into the chair and his feet resting on the top of the panel.

He looked out of the glass and into the deep vacuum of space and sighed as he wondered how the next 11 months would feel.

He’d never imagined that he would actually get to fly a mission as lengthy as this one. He had majored in stasis-sleep sciences because the subject matter fascinated him, but the fact that the job came with months of boredom in enormous stretches hadn’t really occurred to him while in college studying for it.

He stared at his shoes as they rested on the panel for the first ten minutes of the journey before kicking them off and placing his bare feet back onto the panel.

He never saw the appeal of feet. He stared at his own and made a mental note of what they looked like. They were white, not especially large or small; and had pieces of lint in places around the toes where the cheap socks had shed.

He had a few hairs growing out of a couple places on the tops of them, and one of his toenails were chipped from when he’d stubbed his toe the day before.

He couldn’t imagine anyone getting sexual pleasure out of them. So next he got up, kicked off his pants and sat back down, once again putting his feet back on the panel and stared at his legs.

The hair on his legs were standing to attention because of the static electricity he’d charged by ripping his pants off so fast.

He could kind-of understand the sexual appeal of his legs. He could certainly understand them better than he feet.

His legs were long and pure white due to a lack of sun exposure. They were covered in a thin layer of white-blonde hair and looked hairless from a distance.

When he ran his eyes up to the top of his legs he saw a small lump hanging to the left of his underwear and scowled. He’d always wanted a bigger penis.

Next his ripped off his underwear, jacket and shirt and sat back down completely naked. He put his hands behind his head and stared at his entire body, judging it.

He stared at the “freak penis” that lay its head casually on the top of his left thigh, just south of the whisp of light brown pubic hair that grew above and around the base of his penis.

His penis was a very rare exception in the Otter Faction because it had not been circumsized. This was because he had been born while his mother was being raced home from an intergalactic research station during his birth. He had been born while on the journey back and didn’t make it home within the two week ceremonial blessing period. A baby that isn’t circumsized within this time can never be cut because of strict faction body mutilation laws.

Because of this, he had been the laughing stock of his school.

High school and college showers had filled with boys wanting to watch the freak clean himself. Guys pretended to be interested in him so that they could touch and taste the strange abnormality.

He lay here now and looked at the appendage that had caused him so much trouble. It was a light tan colour and free of visible veins and imperfections. It wasn’t large though, and seemed to contrast his long legs. Zach filled with self loathing and shifted to get out of the seat and put his clothes back on when he slid on the chair and nearly fell off.

“Oh my god” he said aloud and lifted his ass to see the mess he’d made.

Zach had forgotten that Ryan had fucked him before going under and filled his ass with cum. He’d been holding it in and had meant to go dump it in the toilet, but had accidentally released it all over this important and valuable chair.

Zach panicked, he reached out and grabbed the shirt that he’d flung onto a nearby control stick. He placed the shirt on the puddle and lifted himself over the central consul so that he could reach down and wipe the seat.

Zach wasn’t very coordinated, he’d tried to skip as much sport as possible while in school to avoid being seen showering. While wiping the mess with his left hand he held the top of the chair with his right for balance.

As he reached further he slipped and landed with his asshole taking in the central consul directional stick.

Zach screamed as his asshole absorbed the top third of the stick.

The stick was only activated and used during evasive moments when the ship was being pursued by enemy combatants.

His asshole was perfectly lubed by the enormous amount of cum that had been shot inside him and was now dripping everywhere. Because of this, even though the stick was thick, it slid inside him easily.

Zach slowly pulled his body up and off the stick while grimacing and trying not to think of the pain he was feeling. Once he was free he swiftly stood up, grabbed his shirt and walked a few steps in the direction of the washing unit.

Three steps later he froze. He stood still for a minute before turning around and looking back at the directional stick.

It sat in the centre panel glistening from cum and bent slightly on its axis. Zach stared and thought to himself for another few minutes before slowly and gingerly walking back to the dripping captains chair and grabbing the top of it with his left hand.

With a graceful swing of his right leg, Zach put his bare foot down onto the puddle of cum in the middle of the chair with a large squelching sound and his other foot on the opposite side of the centre console.

Taking a deep breath, Zach then lowered his torso down onto the directional stick until the mouth of his pink asshole lightly kissed the knob that adorned the top of the stick.

Zach then looked to the ceiling, praying to a higher power; before pushing his asshole down onto the stick and screaming as the stick entered his body.

Zach once again felt the pain he’d experienced earlier, but pain wasn’t the only sensation. The knob had brushed past his prostate which had felt incredible, and the ridges of the stick now hugged the sides of his tight inner canal.

Using the power in his thighs, Zach began to raise and lower himself onto the stick, moaning as it fucked him just the way he liked it.

Because this was a directional stick for steering the ship, Zach was able to angle it in any direction he wanted. First he shot an eye over to the right side of the console panel where a red light reassured him that the stick was absolutely non-functional, then after he felt safe he leaned the stick forward while it stayed lodged inside of him.

Zach grabbed the panel in front of him with both hands, angled the stick inside of him and began to ride the panel, using the stick as its dick.

Zach screamed with pleasure and rode it like a lover.

Once again Zach looked down at his body like he had earlier, he stared at the entire thing and judged.

However this time what he saw was a sweating young man who was full of slim muscles that tensed around a thick fuck stick that was tearing him open on the bridge of a fucking intergalactic warship.

He saw his rock-hard cock swing up and down with each of his thrusts and his thighs powering through the pain and the pleasure. He realized what a prize bottom he was, he was proud for the first time.

Then in that moment, he came.   – Hooked? Sign up for our mailing list and never miss another screaming, moaning moment. And if you need some great new books for your Kindle, we have an excellent collection of eBooks you and your throbbing cock are gonna love.

Sign up for our mailing list and never miss another screaming, moaning moment.
And if you need some great new books for your Kindle, we have an excellent collection of eBooks you and your throbbing cock are gonna love.

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