#4 One Last Fuck

General Hais made his way back to his room and closed the door behind him. He knew that in cumming all over Andre’s face he was signing his acceptance to the mission.

He had no desire to fly into a dying sun in order to find the remnants of a fuel source that would be scarce and probably not prove to be their salvation.

He knew however that it was his duty to ensure the survival of the Faction. Other Factions weren’t going to have mercy if they ever found Otter, and he didn’t want a massacre.

The General half-heartedly packed his military issued suitcases and allowed the Private in charge of luggage administration to retrieve them without even so much as flirting. He knew at this point that his heart wasn’t in it and that he was going to have to do something to make his crew believe that he believed in the mission.

Hais stumbled into the shower and proceeded to wash days worth of cum, lube and sweat from his exhausted skin.

He tried to wipe it all away with the flat of his hand, but the caked on substances wouldn’t budge. After trying at his stomach with his palm, then his fingernails; he then grabbed Hendry’s loofa and scrubbed at himself with all the power his muscles could muster.

“Come on you bitch!” The General yelled as he scrubbed.

This was finally the point at which Hendry woke from his deep, sex-induced slumber.

“Where are you going baby?” The Private called out with a groggy morning voice.

‘The damn kid has become far too familiar’ the General thought to himself as he hastily toweled himself off, threw on a uniform and opened the door.


The General flung the door shut, pulled on the cap that had been the centre point for the previous night’s love making and made his way to his designated space craft.

The General strode onboard the ship and made his way to the bridge, tipping his cap politely each time he met a member of the new crew.

Although he intended on keeping his dick to himself this time, he couldn’t help noticing the abundance of new and sexy talent that the Academy had produced this year.

Hais’ crew was mostly made up of recent Otter University graduates who were getting their service hours as part of their post study conscription requirements.

Hais wasn’t the only one noticing the talent all around, the crew were also noticing each other.

The ship this crew was taking on their mission to the distant sun was the Swallow, a small but capable long distance vessel. This was a vessel that was custom built for a journey of this length, which was necessary as the crew would need to travel 11 months before arriving.

The Swallow was crewed by 12 service members who each specialized in something specific.

Since this was a long distance mission, the crew were going to need to be kept in stasis-sleep for the duration of the trip on both the way there and back.

The downside of a mission like this would be essentially losing two years of their lives, something that felt completely life-ending to young people recently graduated from university and ready to tackle their new lives.

The upside however was that conscription was a two year requirement. This meant that a quick  sleeping trip to a faraway sun and back would mean they could serve their entire service contracts while onboard, then come home to an honorable discharge and the beginning of their new lives fulfilling their career dreams wherever they wanted within the Faction.

Zach was the private in charge of stasis-sleep, so it was his job to ensure that everyone’s sleeping-pods were scientifically and structurally sound and ready for the voyage.

Unfortunately for Zach, being in charge of stasis-sleep meant that he himself wouldn’t get to experience any. For the entire 11 month voyage there, and the trip home, he would have to stay awake and monitor everyone’s vitals.

He would make sure the ship stayed on course, everyone stayed alive and that in an emergency everyone else would wake up on time be able to respond quickly.

Zach moved from pod to pod making sure that everything was still humming along and ready for the voyage as all the commotion of excited young privates skipping in the halls around him filled his ears.

People moved luggage up and down halls, kissed their boyfriends goodbye, cried in fetal positions and ran up and down what would be their new home for the next two years.

Zach was deep in thought as Ryan crept up on him, so he screamed when Ryan grabbed his hips from behind, causing him to drop his spanner.

“Dammit you bitch” Zach called out as he whipped around and smacked Ryan in the shoulder.

“Hurry up privates” Hais called out as he whipped into the room. Ryan and Zach stood to attention.

Jason emerged from behind the General and started counting heads and assigning privates to their sleeping pods.

“Are the pods ready?” Hais called out to Zach, shooting over a strong blue eyed stare.

“Yes General”

“Thats good then,” the General said as he cleared his throat.

A line of privates moved into the small room wearing comfortable clothes and holding small items of personal significance that they planned on sleeping with for the next year.

“I know this is all new for you” the General said with a blank expression.

“I know you must be scared, but this is the time to show who you are and set yourself up for what you will become for the rest of your life. So nut the hell up.”

With that, Hais leapt into his pod and waited for Zach to come and activate it from the outside.

The room held 11 pods that when activated, rose to an assigned position against the wall and slid into a purpose built containment hole. Once the pod was in position, a soft blue light would glow to show that the subject had been rendered unconscious. After securing Hais, Zach secured everyone else into their pods, but left Ryan for last. After 20 minutes they were left alone in the small room, surrounded by ten little blue lights.

“Are you gonna miss me?” Ryan joked as Zach prepared his pod.

“No” Zach coolly replied as he continued to input the pods information.

“You know what happens to liars in this fleet?” Ryan said as he began slipping his hand into the back of Zach’s standard issue pants.

Zach didn’t say anything, mostly because he didn’t want to justify Ryans response; but also because he was really enjoying the feeling of Ryans hand prodding at his asshole.

Once Ryan reached the entrance to his hole, Zach groaned. That was all the encouragement Ryan needed, so with that he ripped Zach’s pants off and opened the top of his own.

Zach turned his head to see Ryan’s fat dick being lifted out of the top of his pajama pants, past the patch of pubic hair that ran up into the thin snail trail that leaked down from his belly button.

Ryan saw Zach looking, so he pushed Zach’s upper back down so that he was bent into the top of the sleeping pod.

He then spat on his dick and pushed it into the opening of Zach’s asshole.

Zach gasped as the dick entered him. He gripped the other side of the sleeping pod and cried out as, in front of 10 sleeping service members, Ryan fucked his ass from behind.

Zach’s intention was to continue working on the pod as Ryan got his sexual energy out of his system, but this it proved impossible as Ryan’s fucking increased in speed and ferocity.

Ryan put his foot up on the pod to stable himself, held Zach’s hips, then began to fuck with increased force from an angle.

Zach put his forehead onto his arms and tried to ingrain this moment into his memory so that he could hold onto it while alone for 11 months.

A few minutes later Ryan couldn’t contain himself anymore and came, pumping his cum into Zach’s torso. Zach screamed and clenched his ass shut, wiping off Ryan’s dick as he pulled it out and holding onto the cum before it spilled onto the ground.

Ryan pulled up his pants, kissed Zach on the cheek and jumped into his pod.

Zach sighed. This was going to be a long year.

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