#3 The Dealmakers Ass

Andre couldn’t think, he couldn’t move his body and he could barely breathe.
He was naked and on his hands and knees with Hais’ fat dick thrusting into his mouth and Jason thrusting into his ass.
All he could do was try to avoid scraping Hais’ cock with his teeth and try to clench his ass for Jason’s benefit at the right times.
Andre barely noticed when he was flipped onto his back and his legs thrust into the air. The only thing he did notice was the difference in taste as now Jason’s lube covered cock was pushed into his mouth and the bitter taste of the lube forced down his throat. Andre was relieved for a moment at the smaller size of Jason’s dick, until it occurred to him what would come next.
Hais thrust his much larger dick into Andre’s ass and he screamed as his asshole widened to accept him. He could feel Hais pushing past his prostate and deep inside of his body.
Andre could feel Hais kissing his thighs as he pushed inside of him, and the feeling relaxed him.
Hais was holding his left leg with his right hand and with his left hand was pushing down on Andre’s lower stomach.
Andre’s dick rested on top of Hais’ hand and spun around in time with his thrusts.
Eventually both men pulled out and with a few jerks with their own hands, came all over Andre’s face.
The waterfall of cum washed over Andre’s face, so he closed his eyes and opened his mouth to receive the gift.
Then when it was over, he heard the door open again and with a whoosh of air, shut behind the two men.
Andre was left lying on the floor, his asshole gaping open, his mouth and face covered in cum.
He put his hands behind his head and pondered the upcoming mission when the door whooshed open again and his office-mate walked in.
“You slut” Jack said as he strolled in and put his bag down on his desk.
“Get off your high horse and come help me” Andre replied.
Jack chuckled and went to the sink, dunked a washcloth in warm water and came back over to clean the cum out of Andre’s eyes.
“We’ve got things to discuss” Jack said as he began to dap the cloth onto Andre’s cum-shut eyes.
Andre got up and moved to a chair so that Jack could get a better angle while wiping his face.
“Both Hais and Jason have performed the rite of acceptance on me. So it’s done.”
Jason angled the corner of the cloth so that he could scrape cum from Andre’s hairline.
“This cum is from both of them?”
“Sure is” Andre replied.
“I’ll draw up the assignment then; both General Hais and Captain Jason Biggs will be assigned to the recovery mission.
How many privates should we send with them?”
“How long will they be gone for?” Andre replied with a smirk. “We wouldn’t want Hais to have to fuck any of them twice.”
“We don’t know for a fact that he’s fucking the bottom of the totem poll” Jack smirked.
Andre only replied with a cracked grin that pulled painfully at his eyebrow.
“Ouch, the cum is setting in my eyebrows.”
Jack worked faster to scrub out the remaining cum.
“The next time Hais cums in someone’s eyebrows, he’ll be doing it on the way to a red giant star and either the salvation of our people or our ruin.”
Andre once again smirked.
“We won’t be ruined if they find nothing, but we’re fucked if we don’t find something soon.”
“You’re fucked either way” Jack joked and spun Andre around on the chair.
Jack opened up Andre’s ass-cheeks with both hands and held the right one back with his right forearm. He then got to work pulling lube out of the battered asshole with his fingers.
Andre pushed his ass back and lowered his stomach.
“Don’t waste this chance Jack, the asshole is lubed, open and ready for more.”
Jack didn’t need a second invitation, he dropped the cloth and his pants in one move. Andre flipped open his computer, there was a lot of work to do while Jack got to work on his ass.
It was going to be a busy night for both of them.
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