#2 Cock Penmanship

General Hais strolled into the meeting fifteen minutes after everyone else and looking a complete mess. 

His military issued shirt was half tucked into trousers that were showing his half erect dick pressing against a wet patch of pre-cum that dripped down the front of his trousers and completed the disheveled look. 

“If you’re finally ready, we’ll begin” grumbled the Commander who had never liked being kept waiting. 

“Proceed” muttered Hais has he took a seat and leaned back into the chair, relaxing his muscles after a long night of furious love-making. 

The room was full of The Otter’s most prestigious generals, none of whom would dare showing up this late or looking like this. But Hais was different, he was relied upon for the most critical missions and had never failed to deliver critical results for the faction. It was him that had led teams to asteroids that bordered neighboring factors and returned unscathed. He had gone to war with separatists, identified spies and saved the faction countless times. So while he continued to be the rooms biggest asset, he could continue to slump on a chair in the middle of multiple high ranking officials and keep his job. 

“Andre, get up here and tell us the plan.”

The General passed the floor over to General Andre Peters who was responsible for planning missions in enemy space. 

Andre stood and addressed the room, but before opening his mouth couldn’t help but notice Hais’ swollen dick pressed against stained trousers that worked to it down. 

Andre began to sweat, but tried to focus on his presentation. 

“If we’re correct, there is an unidentified and valuable fuel source being produced naturally on the red giant sitting on the edge of The Bear’s territory.” 

Hais sat forward, his dick moving to a new position in his pants. 

“Wait a second, you mean to say that The Bear is sitting on a piece of space inhabited by a star that produces fuel?”

“Yes thats what we believe”. At this point Andre could do nothing to stop himself staring at Hais’ dick. 

“How are we just now learning about this, and why wouldn’t The Bear already be on it?”

Hais was unconvinced. 

“We don’t believe The Bear knows that the star produces anything, we think that they fear the star and do their best to just stay away from it. If thats the case then we should have no problem getting close.”

“This mission is based on assumptions?” Hais curious stare had fallen into a scowl. 

“We do have intelligence, we’re not guessing.” Andre could tell that he was getting hard and silently begged himself to calm down. 

The Commander stood up and finally relieved Andre of Hais’ piercing stare. 

“Stop grilling the poor boy General, you can do that on your own time. Now let’s talk logistics.”

The rest of the meeting continued with an hours worth of numbers, statistics, projections and schematics. However neither Hais nor Andre were able to concentrate on any of it as Andre could picture nothing but Hais dick underneath those General trousers. 

Finally after more than an hour, the meeting ended and Andre scurried back to his office in the neighboring room. Andre had thought that he’d be safe from Hais in his office, but he was sorely mistaken. 

After entering the office and putting his paperwork down on the desk he heard the office door close behind him. He spun around to see the tall, strong frame of General Hais standing over him. 

“You’re putting me and my team in a lot of risk with your assumption-riddled plan” Hais growled as he began undoing his belt. 

“I am doing my best to keep you and everyone else safe” Andre replied weakly. “I can prove my diligence.”

“I’ll bet you can” Hais replied, and with that his trousers hit the floor and his fully erect cock sprung into view. 

Andre gasped at its size and beauty and immediately fell to his knees. The General grabbed a fistful of Andre’s hair and guided his mouth over his waiting cock. The first thing to touch the head of Hais’ dick was Andre’s tongue, before the entire dick sled smoothly slid inside. As Andre began to gurgle on the cock, Hais pushed harder.

Andre’s throat began to emit gagging sounds as Andre choked on Hais’ cock. Hais forced Andre’s head closer and closer to his torso until Andre’s bottom lip was resting gently on his ballsack and his mouth was forced all the way open to accommodate the Generals thick girth. 

Andre looked up at Hais with tears running down his face and in a moment jerked backwards as the Generals hand released him and he fell backwards and breathed deeply. 

Hais’ dick hung there, covered in the kind of thick saliva that’s only found deep inside a persons throat. Andre only stopped for a moment before he lunged forward again and took another mouthful. 

The General was only too happy for it, he put two hands around Andre’s head and began force fucking Andre’s face. Andre gagged and cried as he took the Generals cock down his throat. His neck bulged with the shape of Hais’ giant cock as the dick travelled up and down on the inside. 

Andre closed his eyes and enjoyed the salty taste of Hais’ pre-cum filling his throat, mouth and nose. 

Hais continued to force fuck Andre’s face even as Hais’ assistant entered the room. 

“General, you called me?”

Andre’s eyes opened with surprise, Hais’ dick still in his mouth. 

“Calm down” Hais said as he held Andre’s face and looked down at him with large, deep blue eyes. 

“Before you take care of us, we’re going to take care of you.” 

Hais’ assistant, a tall man called Jason put down the shoulder bag he was carrying and pulled out a small jar of engine lubricant. 

Andre was on his hands and knee’s as he continued taking Hais’ cock in his mouth. He was powerless to resist as Jason unbuckled his officer trousers and slid them down to his knee’s. 

Jason took a glob of lubricant from the jar and smeared it all over Andre’s begging asshole. He remembered to poke a couple fingers inside his warm ass-interior to make sure everything was completely ready for the hard cock Jason was now releasing from his pants. 

Jason didn’t waste any time in rubbing the remaining lube all over his 7 inch cock and guiding it straight into Andre’s waiting ass. 

Andre groaned a loud muffled groan as both men thrust inside him at the same time. 

Hais continued to thrust deep inside his throat while Jason thrust deep inside his ass. 

Both men began to pound him mercilessly and Andre screamed helplessly and in a realm of unparalleled bliss. 

Andre enjoyed the feeling of powerlessness, and there was never a stronger feeling of powerlessness then when two men have full power over your naked body while they fuck you from both ends. 

Hais had more planned for Andre however, it wasn’t over yet…

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