#1 The World Ends, The Sex Begins


In the year 4020 the entire Earth was engulfed in a devastating race war that consumed and destroyed the planet. 

For a hundred years every nation fought with every weapon they had in a global carnage that killed most of the population.

Nations stopped at nothing in destroying neighboring countries with any force necessary, from military arms to nuclear bombs. 

Surviving factions of regular people from all over the world banded together with their own race and battled the elements to stay alive as global environmental conditions turned sour and radiation began killing off even healthy soldiers in every faction. 

The battle ground to a standstill as people began focusing on surviving the increasingly harsh consequences of the war. 

Pollution and radiation made the planet uninhabitable and one by one factions began leaving the planet in the largest space vessels they can find, taking only what they could carry. 

Years passed and each faction survived by using resources found on asteroids and fuel extracted from moons. 

Each faction expanded their vessel using space junk such as old satellites and forgotten vessels from aborted or failed missions. 

As each vessel grew over time and the populations on board grew with them, generations began to forget about their home planet as all knowledge of their origin was replaced with only the knowledge of space and faction life. 

It’s now the year 5035 and the Milky Way has been deserted for more than a thousand years. 

Each faction is now made up of several enormous vessels, each residing in different corners of a new galaxy called the Salty Milk.

Factions avoid contact at all costs, but aren’t always successful as the wide open nothingness of space means that journey across the galaxy is often needed for fuel, food and supplies. 

The faction that still lived closest to the Milky Way is called “The Otter.”

The Otter is a ferociously independent and particularly territorial faction. During the final years of the great war the members of this faction gathered from all over the planet determined to get supplied and get off-planet. 

The Otter is populated by the light-skinned faction, and while the early members of the faction were the most hateful of rival factions; those currently occupying the faction are now the most curious of the people living out there among other races. They wonder what they know, how they’re surviving, and what resources they might have. 

It was this curiosity that prompted the early morning meeting of fleet commanders and generals of The Otter. 

Part 1

General Hais woke to the sound of his alarm muffled by the sock it had fallen on during the previous nights love making with Private Hendry. 

Hais wasn’t suppose to be fucking with Privates now that he was a general, and now that he was awake in the cold light of day he could see how sloppy he was at hiding his tracks.

Hendry was lying spread-eagle and half falling off Hais’ bed. He was lying on his stomach and wearing only Hais’ general issued hat. His modest dick flopped haphazardly and soaking wet against his thigh.  

The skin on his back gleaned with dried sweat and saliva and his butt cheeks reflected the flickering light from the fluorescent bulbs still working to power up and light the messy room. 

Bottles, clothes and random bedroom items lay everywhere. Hais rubbed his eyes and remembered how loud he and the Private had been during the intense rounds of sex the night before. 

After ripping Hendry’s clothes off he had lifted the Private up onto the sink and entered him while standing up. 

Hais 10 inch cock hardened as he remembered ramming his bare dick inside Hendry’s hungry asshole. Hendry’s eyes had widened like saucers as he deeply inhaled from the blow. 

Hendry leaned his head back and held the General around his shoulders as he received Hais’ saliva coated dick inside him. 

Hais fucked him hard. He held the back of Hendry’s knees and forced them against his ears. Hendry’s head smacked against the mirror but neither of the men cared as Hais continued to fuck as hard as he could. 

Hendry’s hard dick smacked against his 6 pack and when he couldn’t take it anymore he held it away from his stomach and came high into the air.

Hais thrust his face forward and snatched the cum out of the air into his mouth, then kissed Hendry deeply, forcing the cum deep down his throat, back from where it had come from. 

Part 2

Hais looked around in the harsh light of the now illuminated room. He looked across to the sink that now had a deep crack running down the side from where it had buckled when Hais threw Higgins off of it and onto the floor. 

Hais had Higgins lying on his stomach on the floor, Higgins moaned in pleasure as he continued to leak cum everywhere. 

Hais knelt down and opened Higgins cheeks to inspect the asshole he had ripped open on the sink. 

The smooth pink asshole was now gaping and sucking, but it wasn’t satisfied yet. 

Hais thrust his dick back inside once again, Higgins screamed. 

From behind, Hais grabbed Higgins throat and began to choke him as he drilled him deep into the linoleum flooring. 

Higgins gasped for air and moaned with pleasure as Hais forced his rock hard dick inside his body. Higgins could feel the dick deep inside him, he could feel it pushing through the narrow canal inside of his body. It ventured deeper than he knew was possible, and the pleasure from this feeling consumed him so intensely that he couldn’t feel or think about anything beside the pleasure. 

Hais thick cock squelched as it slid perfectly inside Higgins starving asshole. He decided to slow it down and began pulling out his soaking dick, then ramming it back inside right to the balls. 

He continued to pull it out, wait for a moment, then ram it back inside over and over again. Higgins groaned with pleasure and gasped under Hais’ white knuckled grip around his neck. 

Seeing Higgins choking under his hand was too much for Hais and finally Hais orgasmed deep inside Higgins asshole. 

Higgins moaned as he felt the river of hot cum fill his body. He turned to kiss Hais and gave in to the ecstasy as he felt hot liquid flow out of his asshole and onto the ground. 

Hais looked around the room and saw evidence of all of this. The puddle of cum beside the bed, the dents in the floor and the damage to the sink and all the clothes. 

Using the fore-finger and thumb on his left hand, he opened up Higgins ass-cheeks to reveal an asshole that was bruised and still slightly opened from the nights adventures. He also noticed Higgins hips on both sides were deep purple from being forced against the ground.

Higgins now sported a slight blue colored ring around his soft, white neck. This injury would be the most difficult to cover up, he pondered to himself while slipping on a shirt. 

This was collateral damage he thought as he slowly dressed in his uniform and meandered out of the room, heading for the meeting that would decide the direction of the fleet and the future of the faction. 

“Better late than never” he muttered to himself as he shuffled down the hall and adjusted his semi-hard and leaking dick in his officer trousers. 

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